Boston Bruins or Vancouver Canucks Will (Most Likely) Set NHL Record In Game 7

With the Boston Bruins tearing through the Vancouver Canucks (yet again) at TD Garden Monday night, it sets up a textbook Game 7 on Wednesday night at Rogers Arena in Vancouver. On the line: the Stanley Cup.

But regardless of who wins, a record will most likely be set — which record that is, however, will vary based on the final score. As of the end of Game 6, the goal differential is plus-12 for the Boston Bruins (Bruins: 19 GF, Canucks: 8 GF).  If the Boston Bruins win the Stanley Cup by at least two goals in Game 7, they will have a goal differential of at least plus-13, which would tie the record for largest goal differential for a Stanley Cup champion. Ironically, the team they would tie is the 1970 Boston Bruins, who defeated a terribly inferior St. Louis Blues squad, one who was still struggling after 1967 NHL Expansion. That Bruins team outscored the Blues 20 to 7.

If the Vancouver Canucks win, they will become just the fourth team in NHL history to win the Stanley Cup while having a negative goal differential (unless they happen to win Game 7 12-0). However, they will most likely become the Stanley Cup champion with the lowest goal differential, after the 2009 Pittsburgh Penguins were outscored 18 to 14 by the Detroit Red Wings, whom they would defeat in Game 7 by one goal.

For your statistics pleasure, here is the list of smallest and largest goal differentials for Stanley Cup champions in NHL history, and even beforehand in Stanley Cup challenges (for all your hockey history nuts out there)!

Smallest Goal Differentials for Stanley Cup Champions

2009 Pittsburgh Penguins – outscored 18-14 by the Detroit Red Wings

2004 Tampa Bay Lightning – outscored 14-13 by the Calgary Flames

1928 New York Rangers – outscored 6-5 (in a five-game series) by the Montreal Maroons

Biggest Goal Differentials for Stanley Cup Champions

1970 Bruins outscored the St. Louis Blues 20-7 (13)

1990 Oilers outscored the Boston Bruins 20-8 (12)

1991 Penguins outscored the Minnesota North Stars 28-16 (12)

1996 Avalanche outscored the Florida Panthers 15-3 (12)

Others (Pre-NHL):

1900 Montreal Shamrocks (CAHL) outscored Halifax Crescents (HCHL) 21-2 (two games)

1904 Ottawa HC (CAHL) outscored Toronto Marlboros (OHL) 17-5 (two games)

1905 Ottawa HC (FAHL) outscored Dawson City Nuggets (FAHL) 32-4 (two games)

1906 Ottawa HC (ECAHA) outscored Queen’s University (OHA) 28-14 (two games)

1906 Montreal Wanderers (ECAHA) outscored New Glasgow (Amateur) 17-5 (two games)

1908 Montreal Wanderers (ECAHA) outscored Ottawa Victorias (FAHL) 22-4 (two games)

1908 Montreal Wanderers (ECAHA) outscored Winnipeg Maple Leafs (MHL) 20-8 (two games)

1912 Quebec Bulldogs (NHA) outscored the Moncton Victorias (NHA) 17-3 (two games)

1915 Vancouver Millionaires (PCHA) outscored the Ottawa Senators (NHA) 26-8 (three games)

1917 Seattle Metropolitans (PCHA) outscored the Montreal Canadiens (NHA) 23-11 (four games)

1918 Toronto Maple Leafs (NHA) – outscored 21-18 (five games) by the Vancouver Millionaires (PCHA)

Alan Bass, a writer for The Hockey News and, is the author of The Great Expansion: The Ultimate Risk That Changed The NHL Forever. He has worked for the Philadelphia Flyers’ Fan Development department, going to schools throughout the tri-state area to teach about fitness and the importance of teamwork. He is the General Manager of the Muhlenberg College Division II hockey team as well. You can contact him at

2 Responses to Boston Bruins or Vancouver Canucks Will (Most Likely) Set NHL Record In Game 7

  1. Mike says:

    AWESOME!!!! Thank you, I was wondering about this and didn’t want to sit and go through scores of the Finals!

    Appreciate it, hope it gets talked about on Sportscenter soon!

    Go Stars!

    • Alan says:

      Thanks Mike! I was wondering this as well, and because Game 6 was so long and pointless, I had plenty of time to research it!!

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