2010 NHL Draft: My Annual Draft Journal

In what has become an annual tradition, here I am again with another edition of my NHL Entry Draft journal. I started the journal during the 2008 NHL Entry Draft and continued it last summer when I was in Toronto for the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.

This year, I intend to do the same thing: entertain you, in addition to providing analysis on (in my opinion) the best non-Stanley Cup related event of the year. I will be updating the article throughout the night until the end of the first round.


6:58 – The trade rumors that Keith Ballard is headed to Vancouver for Steve Bernier and the 25th overall pick are picking up. If this move gets done, I would be glad if I were a Panthers’ fan. Ironically, my teammate, who is a Panthers fan, is pissed. But at this point, I would trust Dale Tallon.

7:03 – The 2010 NHL Entry Draft coverage has started! James Duthie hosting, which means there will be no shortage of humorous and idiotic conversations. The Taylor/Tyler debates have begun already. I will guarantee that Taylor Hall is going first overall, although no one really knows at this point except for Mr. Tambellini.

7:06 – Pierre McGuire’s first contribution of the night: “Taylor Hall is an incredible player.” Man, I wish I got paid to do that.

7:11 – Remember last year’s draft with Charles Wang’s relative, the little Asian boy on stage? I think he should run the draft this year. Too bad he’s not here…

7:14 – Mr. Bettman takes his place amongst the boos. He sounds sick; sounds like he has a cold. His speech goes like this: “Hello Los Angeles. We’re so proud to have awarded the Super Bowl to the Chicago Blackhawks this past year. Now, let’s get ready to rumble! I mean, the draft, or whatever reason we’re here. Say, has anyone seen my copy of the CBA?”

7:16 – Bettman mentions that the first pick will be either Taylor or Tyler. Wouldn’t it be freakin’ hilarious if Steve Tambellini goes up to the podium and says, “The Edmonton Oilers select Brandon Gormley”?

7:18 – There it is! The Edmonton Oilers end the suspense and select Taylor Hall!

Told ya.

7:21 – Because we know who was taken number one, pick number two is the most anti-climactic pick in NHL history, I believe.

7:23 – Is there anyone more successful at prodding and failing than James Duthie? I’ve heard more GMs shut him down than I even knew existed.

7:26 – TSN just reminded everyone that Chris Pronger went second overall, so Tyler Seguin will be fine. Am I hearing this correctly? The two most opposite players ever? A huge, monstrous, bruising defenseman being compared to a tiny, scrawny, skilled, fast center? Man, I REALLY wish I got paid for this…

7:32 – If there is any hockey fan in the universe that is not 2-for-2 right now in the draft, they should be ashamed.

7:36 – Is there a reason that when the owner’s son comes on stage, Bettman just ignores him completely?

7:37 – Crap, I’m already wrong on one. I had Tallon taking Cam Fowler. Nonetheless, Gudbranson is probably going to have a better NHL career.

7:43 – Bob McKenzie’s voice just digs into my skull. I think this is the only time in my life I’m glad I’m not a Canadian.

7:43 – Bob McKenzie’s voice just digs into my skull. I think this is the only time in my life I’m glad I’m not a Canadian. He’s now comparing players to computers, fireworks and something else, I missed it. Sorry, I was having an aneurysm.

7:48 – Greg Caggiano says that Kirill Kabanov is a psychiatrist’s problem waiting to happen. I believe I agree.

7:51 – “My article got linked on HFBoards…let’s just say they don’t like me very much.” –Greg Caggiano

7:55 – The little fat Asian Wang is on stage! My night is complete.

7:56 – Switzerland is now filled with pride! You know, if they actually liked hockey…

Also, now that Tampa Bay is on the clock and Gormley is still available, Steve Yzerman is killing the notion that it is difficult to be a GM.

8:01 – Twitter says “Vuvuzela” is one of the hottest Twitter topics right now. Have we really sunk that low, America?

8:05 – “I don’t even know what just happened” –Greg Caggiano, after hearing me play my “Vuvuzela” Blackberry application for him. That’s pretty bad if during my favorite event of the NHL year, I’m clicking a button to hear a vuvuzela.

8:14 – I hearby rescind my comment on Steve Yzerman and Brandon Gormley. You know, I was kidding. That’s the plus on a humor piece. Any time you make a prediction and it’s wrong, you can say, “Hey, it was a joke!”

8:17 – Screenshot of the Philadelphia Flyers table shows that no one from the organization showed up. Ironic, that’s just like the Stanley Cup Final. BOOM!

8:22 – Greg Caggiano suggests the Rangers trade Cam Fowler and Wade Redden to Toronto for Jeff Finger. Brian Burke’s response would simply be, “Glen, just go sit down.”

8:27 – For the record, if I hadn’t screwed up and taken Cam Fowler third overall in my mock draft, Bryan Thiel would be 100%. He has had every one of his picks correct except for number four. He picked Gudbranson fourth, but I know he would have picked correctly if I took Gud at number three.

8:33 – Caggs is having a stroke just watching Glen Sather. From my standpoint, Sather looks like he’s about to drop dead.

8:35 – “I understand a need for a physical presence, but this guy [McIlrath] is a long way from the NHL” –TSN. I find it humorous that for once it’s the Rangers screwing up. Oh wait, that’s normal. Well, at least it’s not the Flyers. Oh wait, they don’t even have a first rounder.

8:39 – A Rangers fan just tweeted at the Rangers, “I hate you.” Isn’t fan passion great?

8:46 – It took almost two hours for Cam Fowler? What the hell? What could be that bad about him? Same with Gormley????

PS – Greg is still flipping a s**t over Dylan McIlrath.

8:49 – Phoenix Coyotes are up on the clock. I think that every other team should go on stage and make the pick, since they all own the Coyotes. Let’s hear the chant! WINNIPEG! WINNIPEG! WINNIPEG!

8:57 – Greg has calmed down and accepted the pick.

9:00 – We’ve officially hit the two-hour mark here at the NHL Draft! John Davison, for the record, reminds me of an old bear that simply doesn’t care that there are some tasty campers nearby. Yes, that was the oddest metaphor I’ve ever made.

9:02 – For the record, I look like the 20-year-old college kid I am. I have take out Italian food to my right, pink lemonade to my left, my computer in front of me, and I’m wearing pajamas. Really great image, am I right ladies?

9:08 – It’s always nice to see the home crowd go nuts when the home team gets a pick. Los Angeles trades two picks to move up to number 15, and takes Derek Forbort. Surprise, in my opinion. I thought Etem was going for sure…

9:15 – Interesting trade by the Senators, picking up David Rundblad, who ironically was called overrated by numerous news outlets, including The Hockey News. Let’s see who the Blues select.

9:24 – There goes Duthie, prodding away again at Bryan Murray. Is it not bad enough that this guy is most likely about to be fired and looks like he wants to just crawl under a rock?? Let the man be!!

9:33 – I’ve really lost interest in this draft so far. TSN has done an awful job of keeping this draft interesting. In fact, I’ve sunk so low at this point, I’m purchasing a Montreal Canadiens jersey off eBay. I know, I know.

9:35 – The last person Duthie will be able to get information out of is Brian Burke. Yet he’s still trying. I guess give him credit. Okay, take that back. Just stop it, Duthie.

9:48 – Detroit makes their first top-25 pick in 11 years. Jim Nill announces that Riley Sheahan will be headed to Hockeytown. I can’t wait for tomorrow when they announce their next future Hart candidate in Round six. Is it weird that I strive to be Ken Holland? Yes, it is? Okay, I was just asking.

9:55 – As I’m determining what player I want on the back of my jersey, my girlfriend says the following: “It’s a jersey. Not a life changing moment.”

I disagree.

9:57 – Another trade! Seems like we’ve been devoid of this all night. I’ll try to get back to the draft for good, but looks like we’ve got another no-hitter in the MLB tonight. What is up with offense this year that all of these no-hitters occur?

9:59 – “Big and on defense,” says Pierre McGuire on Jarred Tinordi. Man, there are so many jokes. But I have to remember that I’m a legal adult now, not six. Although, sometimes I act like I’m six. Okay, all the time.

10:00 – Well, my annual draft blog has traditionally ended at 10:00 PM, simply because I write more than Stephen King. But just because I’m insane, I’ll keep it going until the end of the round.

10:08 – Tinordi’s dad reminds me of that soccer mom…the one who pushes the kid until he cries relentlessly begging for her to go away. Mark Tinordi: former NHLer, crazy parent, father of a son who simply looks like he doesn’t want to be there.

10:25 – The longest trade since Eric Lindros in the early ’90s is finally finished, and the Florida Panthers have selected Quinton Howden, a great young player that will be able to make an impact within a couple years in Florida.

10:35 – As the first round comes to a close, I will end my annual draft journal. I thank everyone who read for tuning in and wish all teams the best of luck in rounds two through seven tomorrow!

Alan Bass is a writer for The Hockey News and THN.com. In addition to writing for Inside Hockey and Pro Hockey News, he has also worked for the Philadelphia Flyers. He is the General Manager of the Muhlenberg College hockey team as well. You can contact him at BergHockey24@gmail.com.

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  1. Chris Ross says:

    Great updates in this blog man, keep it up! I’m always stoked for the NHL draft and excited to see what these young up and comers will do in the future. Could you check out my blog as well because I really wanna hear your opinion on my thoughts. http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2010/06/25/toronto-maple-laughs/

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